Each group is responsible to adhere to the policies of Moms in Prayer International. They are NOT optional.

  1. Any individual or group not adhering to the Moms in Prayer International Statement of Faith or Policies shall not have the right to use the ministry name or logo, nor represent Moms in Prayer or Moms In Touch in any manner.
  2. Moms in Prayer International is not a lobbying group, regardless of how worthy the cause. Participation in outside political and social issues must be done solely on an individual basis. Under no circumstances should the name Moms in Prayer or Moms In Touch be used in conjunction with outside issues.
  3. Confidentiality brings integrity to the ministry; therefore, all prayer requests must be held in strictest confidence.
  4. Moms in Prayer International groups are not to hold their meeting on public school campuses. We pray for the schools, not in the schools.
  5. Moms in Prayer International groups are not to solicit prayer requests nor place a prayer request box in any public school facility.
  6. Moms in Prayer International groups are not to use the public schools to solicit memberships.
  7. Unauthorized use of the Moms in Prayer or Moms In Touch name or logo is prohibited. It is the trademark of the ministry, and its use requires the express, written permission of Moms in Prayer International Europe.
  8. Group rosters are for Moms in Prayer International use only. Under no circumstances are they to be used by, loaned to, or shared with any other individual, organization, business or outside group.
  9. No form of advertisement may be placed inside or on any Booklet.
  10. To allow for conversational prayer in one accord and to implement the four steps of prayer, during the Moms in Prayer prayer hour we refrain from forms of spirituality practiced and lived in the various denominations, such as speaking in tongues and other possible forms of prayer. This is done out of consideration - without judgment. We respect the unity in diversity, to make it possible for every woman to participate.
  11. Moms in Prayer International groups are not to engage in gossip or any conversation of a critical nature.
  12. Moms in Prayer believes in biblical marriage as the covenant relationship between one man and one woman.
  13. Moms in Prayer groups are specifically for women.

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