Welcome to Moms in Prayer Germany!

Ever since Moms in Prayer started in Germany in 1995, prayer groups have spread throughout the land. As of late 2016 there are about 700 prayer groups all over Germany.

We want to encourage everybody from moms of toddler-aged kids to grandmothers of young adults to pray for their kids and their schools.

Our vision is for every school to be supported by a prayer group. Our vision is our goal.

We would be happy if you reached out to us through the DE contact us link (right hand side) or our website.

We would love to help you start a group or find a prayer group close to you.

Are you in?


Martina Kersten

Country Coordinator

What a Mom says

What a Child says

Thank you Mom, for praying for me.                        

What a Teacher says

I’m encouraged to know that ‘Moms in Prayer‘ moms are praying for me as a teacher, and for the school where I teach. This gives me much appreciated support.

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