The first Moms in Prayer group in Greece started in 2001. The groups in Greece were delighted to receive the Greek Booklet in 2011. Recently the Greek MIP Europe flyer was printed and is ready for use!

Binia stepped up into the Area Coordinator role in 2012 and is serving in Greece together with three Contact Persons.



Country Facts

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe with over 10 million people and the twelfth longest coastline in the world. It is the birthplace of the Olympic Games, democracy and major scientific and mathematical principles. Greece is one of the countries noted in the Bible where early Chistianity unfolded.

What a Mom says

It is so exciting to be part of a ‘Moms in Prayer‘ group, just to meet and pray, then wait and see what God will change or answer this time... I can hardly wait to go there next week.

What a Child says

Thank you Mom, for praying for me.                        

What a Teacher says

I’m encouraged to know that ‘Moms in Prayer‘ moms are praying for me as a teacher, and for the school where I teach. This gives me much appreciated support.

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