If you are not able, or do not wish to use PayPal, you can also transfer to our bank account directly:


TWINT Custom Amount ENBordeaux-Strasse 5, CH-4053 Basel, Switzerland 

Basler Kantonalbank, Postfach 4002, Basel
Moms In Prayer in Europe
IBAN: CH 61 0077 0253 2995 3200 1
Clearing: 770
PC-Konto 40-61-4
Konto Nr. Basler Kantonalbank 2532.9953.2001

When using online banking, please enter "SEPA" in the bank information box. So it might be possible your transaction is free of bank charges. 


Offering cube for Moms in Prayer in Europe 

Dominus Providebit (God will provide) – these words have been engraved on the edge of the Swiss 5-franc coin since 1888. God will provide when we trust in Him. Even if our offering seems "small", it carries a blessing!

What if ...

... every prayer group or supporter would put at least one euro or one Swiss franc into the cube each week?
Depending on circumstances, this could mean no more than sacrificing a coffee, a tea or a chocolate bar; and yet it could be an attractive sum each week.

Moms in Prayer is financed solely by donations. Much can be achieved with an offering of one euro or one Swiss franc per prayer meeting / group / person. Donations can be transferred monthly or quarterly to the Moms in Prayer in Europe account (see cube).  We have our offering cube + assembly instructions for you available as a pdf.Click here to view and download.

Thank you.