Welcome to Moms in prayer Finland

Your interest in Moms In Prayer (MIP) is wonderful and encouraged us. You are an answer to our prayers. We are so thankful that the Lord calls more and more moms into His service to pray for their children, teachers, and their schools in Finland.

The first moms in prayer group started in 2010. Today, there are five registered groups throughout the country, as well as one contact person in Tampere.

If you want to start a group you can order "Rukoilevat äidit" booklet which explains the „Four Steps of Prayer“ (praise, confession, thanksgiving and intercession), and how to pray the Word of God. It helps us not to chat, but to use our time in a godly way. You will also find more ideas on how to pray for the teachers and the schools.

If you are looking for a group or have started a new group, it would be wonderful to hear from you. To register the group, you simply need to write us, you can also use the registration form on this website. We would like to encourage you and your group. You will also receive our newsletter twice a year. If you have any questions feel free to get in contact with us.

Moms in Prayer Europe Team

Photo Finnish moms 2016 10 Tampere
Tampere 2/2014 Tampere 10/2016