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Moms in Prayer International impacts children and schools worldwide for Christ
by gathering mothers to pray.

Our vision is that every school in the world would be covered with prayer.

Moms in Prayer

  • desires to be a supportive partner, building up the Body of Christ through prayer.
    Moms in Prayer comes alongside the church to promote both personal and corporate prayer.
  • teaches women how to pray corporately by using four biblical prayer principles,
    called the Four Steps of Prayer: praise, confession, thanksgiving and intercession.
  • strengthens the children’s ministry, youth programs and other church ministries.
    As women from the church become involved in a Moms in Prayer group, the result will be children being prayed for in the church. The prayer format may be incorporated into other church prayer groups, such as wives praying for husbands, couples praying together, or groups praying for the church, pastor and staff.
  • reaches out to moms of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds.
    The heart of a mom beats the same for her children worldwide. The prayers format is effective across the world in uniting moms of every culture.
  • gives hope and provides peace as they cast their cares upon the Lord.
    Rather than worrying or fretting over what their children are doing, they are learning to bring their children to the One who can do the impossible, turning their fears to faith as they pray the Scripture for their child(ren). As they gather together to pray, it brings encouragement and hope to weary, stressed and anxious mothers.
  • provides a safe, loving environment where women share their burdens.
    Moms in Prayer is a lifeline of support and community for moms and grandmothers. The unity that develops as well as their learning to rely on God through corporate prayer quickly replaces isolation and loneliness. A deep level of trust and intimacy is formed as prayers are kept in strict confidentiality.
  • impacts the community by praying for the local schools.
    Praying for children and schools in the community has a powerful influence that reverberates throughout the city and state.

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Vision Statement

Vår vision är att alla skolor i världen skulle vara täckta av förbön. 

Mission Statement

Moms in Prayer Internationel påverkar barn och skolor runt om i världen för Kristus genom att samla mammor till bön.


Bibelns bön för skolpersonal

Herre, jag ber att_____ ska komma till dig när han/hon är trött och bär på tunga bördor så att du kan ge honom/henne vila. Från Matt 11:28 (SFB)

Bibelns bön för ett barn

Herre, jag ber att _____ ska vara klok när det gäller det goda och oskyldig när det gäller det onda. Från Rom 16:19b (SFB)

Bibelns bön för skolpersonal

Herre, jag ber att _____ ska veta veta att hans/hennes hjälp kommer från Herren, som gjort himmel och jord! Från Ps 121:2 (SFB)

Bibelns bön för skolan

Må Herren låta sitt ansikte lysa över_____ skolan och vara nådig mot dem som går och arbetar där. Från 2 Mos 6:25 (SFB)

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