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Welcome to Moms in Prayer anniversarie in Norway. If you want to learn more about prayer and being a intersessor for children and schools, you are warmly welcome. There are already over 50 women from Europe and some from Israel and Korea who want to celebrate with us in Norway.

If you would like more information about this gathering, you can find more information here:


The theme for out 20-year-jubilee is "Mother's heart - our country's treasure"
This spring we will give out 12 Prayersheets. The sheets will focus on strengthening our inner being and praying for the hearts of our children and ourselves.

Bring your Bible to your prayer group. All the Nordic countries will get these sheets.

Parole de Mère

Prier, c’est la stratégie la plus puissante. C’est avec amour que nous intercédons…

Parole d'Enfant

Merci maman de prier pour moi                         

Parole d'Instituteur

Cela m’encourage de savoir que des mamans de Mères en Prière prient pour moi en tant qu’enseignant, et pour l’école où je travaille. J’apprécie beaucoup ce soutien.

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