Dear Moms,

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If you're reading this, you problably believe that praying for children bears fruit, and we are convinced you're right. In these uncertain and insecure times, our children and their schools need our prayers more than ever before. As mothers, we too, share your worries and concerns. For us prayer represents a sure and steadfast anchor. We meet regularly in our shared desire to pray for them and their teachers. We can lay down our burdens, with the assurance and peace that comes from knowing God has promised to answer our prayers. Would you like to join us and rediscover the amazing hope of seeing transformation in the life of your children and even a whole generation ?

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch ! 

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  Elisabeth Rabaini
Anne-Marie Delaugere


Elisabeth Rabaini is Country Coordinator. She works with the team. 
Anne-Marie Delaugere is Regional Coordinator for l`Ile de France, la Normandie and la Picardie. 
Elisabeth Rabaini as Country Coordinator is responsable for all other regions of France. 

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