Moms in Prayer, known as Moeders in Gebed in Dutch, officially started in the Netherlands in 2004 when eight mothers began to pray for their children and schools. Enthusiasm grew as they witnessed God do amazing things in their children’s lives when they prayed Scriptures for them, following the Four Steps of Prayer. These moms were convinced that other women in the Netherlands needed to know about Moms in Prayer. With the help of others, these moms were instrumental in getting the Booklet translated into Dutch. In the Netherlands there are 50 groups and four contact persons.
Since octobre 2016, Karin Schenkel is with great pleasure Country Developer for the Netherlands.


Country Facts

Holland refers to a region in the western part of the Netherlands, but is also the term frequently used to refer to the Netherlands country. Over 16 million people live in the Netherlands, "Nederland" in Dutch, where 25% of the land lies below sea level, and Dutch is the primary language spoken. Amsterdam is the capital city, and Rotterdam is home to Europe's largest port.

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Bertina & Karin & Rebekka, Bianca, Signalda & Karin


What a Mom says

Praying is the most successful strategy. It’s love on our knees…                                                                             

What a Child says

Thank you Mom, for praying for me.                        

What a Teacher says

I’m encouraged to know that ‘Moms in Prayer‘ moms are praying for me as a teacher, and for the school where I teach. This gives me much appreciated support.

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